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 KQ INFORMATION - look inside

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KQ INFORMATION - look inside Empty
PostSubject: KQ INFORMATION - look inside   KQ INFORMATION - look inside EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 1:20 am

Kalphite Queen (KQ):
-cb level 333
-2550hp for each form
-uses melee, ranged, and magic
-max hit is 314 for all styles.
-uses range/magic attacks 3/4 times in a row.
-attacks bounce from player to player

First form:
-uses protect from magic & protect from range (making range & magic attacks almost useless)
-uses all 3 attack styles

Second form:
- uses protect from melee
-uses all 3 attack styles
-summons level 28 kalphite workers
NOTE: harder to defeat as food and potions will have already been consumed.

Noteable drops:
-dragon 2h
-dragon chain
-kalphite queen head (for construction)


Preparation for KQ:
-2 ropes for first time (1 rope everytime after)
-80+ att, 80+ str, 60 def, 37+ is a must, but 43 is recommended ( you can manage without, i have)
-dont bring anything you don't wanna lose

-best defence armour you can bring. torags, dharocks, (veracs for prayer negation has been tradition)
-crush weapons are good, KQ has weakness (godsword, dbaxe, d mace)
-a weapon with a good special (ddp, d mace, d halberd)
-if wearing verac's use verac's flail, excellent for second form, good overall.


-used on second form (as it has protect from melee)
-rune/chaotic crossbow
-ruby bolts (e)

NOTE: SWITCHING STYLES FAST IS A MUST. otherwise you're d00med.


-fighting (titans)
-healing (unicorn)
-BoB (for more food/pots)


Getting there:

Method1: Shantay Pass
-enter the desert through the shantay pass (with a shantay ticket, or bribe with 200gp), run straight west, until you see a dungeon entrance, use rope on it and enter.

Method2: Dorgesh-Kaan
-requires completion of death to the dargesh-kaan, this way you can enter the agility course and through this the south dungeon below the course. In this dungeon, a tunnel connects to the upper level of the Kalphite hive. (LIGHT SOURCE NEEDED)

Method3: Fairy Ring
-requires partial completion of Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, (up to learning the fairy ring network), the code is BIQ. (DRAMEN STAFF REQ unless finished quest)

Inventory to have:
-anti-poison/super anti-poison
-super/extreme attack potions
-super/extreme strength potions
-super/extreme defence potions
-overload potion (if 96 herby)
-multiple prayer potions (2-5? depending on level)
-shantay pass (only if using that entrance, or you can bribe for 200gp and save an inv slot)
-rocktails/monks/manta rays/tuna potatoes
-keris (if possible)
-1 click tele method

NOTE: ROPES NEEDED ONLY FIRST TIME. I will check this to make sure.

-skill cape, fire cape, any cape with stats
-warriors ring, zerker ring, archer's ring
-amulet of glory, amulet of fury

the misc stuff is up to you to decide.
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KQ INFORMATION - look inside Empty
PostSubject: Re: KQ INFORMATION - look inside   KQ INFORMATION - look inside EmptyThu Dec 08, 2011 1:22 am

Will update original post with more information in the future. This should be enough for us for now.

Strategies to come.

Sorry for all the double/triple posts.

Exclamation LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK Exclamation
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KQ INFORMATION - look inside
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