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 Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK

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Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK Empty
PostSubject: Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK   Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK EmptyTue Dec 04, 2012 12:38 am

I in no way claim to be a master of the fight caves, but after reading a few guides here and there and beginning to understand the new dynamics of the combat system, this is what I've come up with.

Monsters you will meet:

Tz-Kih (bats) - use weak melee and drain prayer with each hit. Weak against Water spells.
Tz-Kek (lumpy looking guys) - use a weak melee, and split into two smaller Tz-Keks when killed. Weak against water spells.
Tok-Xil (lumpy guys with legs) - use accurate ranged and melee attacks. Weak against slash attacks.
Yt-MejKot (dinosaur) - uses strong melee attack and can heal itself and others while in combat. Weak against water spells.
Ket-Zek (scorpions with legs) - use magic and melee attacks. Weak againsts arrows.
Yt-HurKol (tiny dinosaur) - heal Jad when you get him to half health. Weak against water spells.
Tz-TokJad -final battle uses all three combat styles. No specific weakness.

The Fight Caves is primarily consisted of melee monsters, all of which are weak to magic. So a strong magic set up is essential.
I've found that switching between a staff (I used the Staff of Light) for strong hits and a wand with a shield (I used the Master Wand and a Crystal Shield because the Crystal Shield has no negative magic bonuses) for when defense if needed is an effective method.
If you can afford it, Ganodermic is a great choice as you will end up with a hefty Life Points bonus to absorb attacks and a strong defense.
Although not essential, bringing a bow and ranging armor (I used a Crystal Bow and Karils top / bottom) will help make quick work of the magic users.
A strong slash weapon is also very useful because the Rangers are weak to slash. I've used both a Saradomin Sword and a Whip (so I could have my shield). Both are effective, but the SS makes quick work of them, while the whip may be a better choice for those with low defense levels to have the added cushion when taking hits from other monsters.

All in all, set up primarily for magic, with armor swaps if you feel the need.
The only piece of equipment that is required is a shield.

These are strategies I've found work well.

If you can afford it, and have the appropriate magic level, Ice Barrage is a very effective way to deal with Fight Caves. All but three monsters are weak to water spells (The mages, the rangers and Jad who has no specific weakness). Ice Barrage can help hold monsters at bay so you take less hits, and it will hit multiple targets. Note: when using abilities the spell only attacks your targeted monster and does not hit the 3x3 Ice Barrage normally does.

If you cannot use Ice Barrage, use the strongest water spell possible and stack the monsters so that only one is able to attack you at a time.

My preferred abilities for Magic are:
Wrack (basic): great for dealing quick damage and building adrenaline.
Impact (basic): if you're not using Ice Barrage this will help you stop monsters from moving.
Dragon Breath (basic): hits multiple targets.
Combust (basic): deals small damage over time, but adds up.
Chain (basic): hits multiple targets.
Asphyxiate (threshold): this stuns and deals a great deal of damage for a combo attack.
Wind Magic (threshold): for the gamblers amongst us, it has the ability to deal up to 250% of you spells damage. Great for a quick 1-2 hit.
Metamorphosis (ultimate): when you need to deal lots of damage quickly, also negates the need for runes.
Resonance (basic): requires a shield, but makes the next hit on you heal instead of damage.
Rejuvenate (ultimate): requires a shield. this is required for fight caves. It heals 40% of you maximum health.
and for my last two I had Protect from Missiles and Protect for Magic for when I got to Jad.

My second ability bar for when I switched to use melee / range goes:
Slice (basic): great for dealing quick damage and building adrenaline.
Punish (basic): paired with Slice, you can jump back and forth between abilities to deal damage and build adrenaline.
Sever (basic): lowers damage done by target by 10%, great when fighting rangers because your armor is weak to ranged attacks.
Fury (basic): combo attack capable of dealing high amounts of damage.
Assault (threshold): combo attack capable of dealing even higher amounts of damage.
Slaughter (threshold): deals damage over time, great for stacking hits.
Piercing shot (basic): great for dealing quick damage and building adrenaline.
Fragmentation shot (basic): deals damage over time.
Binding shot (basic): Keeps a monster from moving, works well to keep a melee monster off of you.
Ricochet (basic): hits multiple targets.
Rapid fire (threshold): combo attack that deals a large amount of damage. makes kick work of rangers paired with a few other shots.
Anticipation (basic): lowers damage received by 10%.

when fighting the monsters, the order they're killed in does not make a huge difference, other than killing the ranging monsters first. Run up and kill these with melee so that they split their attacks between ranged / melee versus only hitting you with ranged attacks to minimize the damage received.
Make sure the Dinosaurs don't attack you while you're killing the rangers because they will heal the ranger, possibly making the fight last much longer than needed resulting in you taking extra damage.
If you want to range the mages, lure all the melee monsters away then run to the other side of the mage. The melee monsters will get stuck behind the mager and won't be able to attack you.
Heal as often as you feel needed with Rejuvenate.
Higher levels will get along just fine with an inventory of sharks and about four prayer potions (only needed for Jad to prayer switch).
Lower levels might like to use saradomin brews for the added benefit of raising their defense paired with prayer restoration from Super Restores will let them pray too.

Fighting Jad:
before the battle with Jad starts, make sure you have prayer points, full health (with your shield on) and are in the north western corner. If Saradomin is looking down on you, Jad will spawn and be trapped so you can begin the fight when you wish to.
Before the wave starts, turn on Protect from Missiles. His Ranged attack sound bit is shorter and comes later than his Magic on, so you'll have less time to switch prayers. His ranged attack he stomps both front feet on the ground and a boulder falls on you. His magic attack he stands up on his back legs and inhales and shoots a fire ball at you. Youtube Jad EoC if you want to see.

Stay out of Jad's melee range because his melee attack is incredibly fast with no way to guess it's coming.

Your main priority is doing prayer switches properly. It is now possible to tank a hit from Jad (especially with boosted LPs). So don't freak out when you get hit. Just focus on doing your prayers properly and eat in between his attacks.

when the healers come out, lure them one by one away from Jad in between his attacks to keep your prayer switches going. The healers an be killed, but make sure Jad isn't at full health, otherwise they will respawn. I found if you trapped Jad in a corner and you have a corner to yourself, lure the healers over there to get your adrenaline up without fear of being attacked by Jad.

Good Luck on your Fire Capes clan! if you have any further question, feel free to PM me or ask in the clan chat.
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Posts : 3
Join date : 2012-10-07
Location : Southern California

Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK Empty
PostSubject: EDIT   Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK EmptyFri Jan 18, 2013 2:30 pm

I'm not sure how well this strategy works now after Jagex nerfing the healing abilities, I'll be sure to update this post the next time I go through the Fight Caves.
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Lucy Ford's Fight Caves guide for SnK
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